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KORBO Blocks are our vision of educational toys - universal and attractive for children of all ages .
The Idea: "Think, Build and Spin" best describes the innovation of this product.
KORBO building blocks have a positive influence on the development
of children encouraging them to think creatively and logically, stimulating the senses as well as hand-eye coordination.
O Korbo - nasza ekipa pracowników
We have been around Polish market for more than 27 years.
We created KORBO in 2016 based on many years of working experience with children in kindergartens and schools.
In the first year we received two prestigious awards:
  • Nagroda Klocki Roku dla Korbo
  • Nagroda Goog Brand dla Klocków Korbo
The titles of “Good brand” and “Toy of the Year”.
Klocki Korbo - wspólna zabawa z dzieckiem pomaga w rozwoju
KORBO Blocks are loved and played by children not only in Poland but also in the Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Russia and in Dubai.
  • Siedziba producenta Klocków Korbo
  • Klocki Korbo
KORBO blocks are manufactured in Poland using the latest technologies and the highest quality materials. The blocks are safe and solid, resistant to mechanical damage, functional and compatible (you can freely combine elements from different KORBO sets) as well as multicolored and attractive visually. Each set of blocks is a great way to have fun and learn through playing.

Our company is being trusted by kindergartens and schools (state and private institutions) which we have been equipping for years with a variety of teaching aids and logical creative thinking sets as well as providing them with interesting and engaging play corners.
Since 2001 we have been the official representative of STEP2 and Olifu.

We guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and educational value which is backed by numerous awards.
Produkt Polski - producent zabawek Korbo