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Working with Korbo bricks to create moving pictures is a fascinating educational experience which combines many areas such as: mathematics, coding, understanding directions (vertical, horizontal, diagonal), transferring the code with the help of cogwheels, sorting according to relationships, making self-corrections, shaping teamwork skills. The use of Korbo bricks makes it possible to transfer two-dimensional images into a three-dimensional reality, which further develops: eye-hand coordination, spatial orientation, logical thinking, perceptiveness and concentration.

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Creating pictures on the carpet with Korbo using the project method has great educational value. Working in groups helps develop communication skills, conflict resolution and teamwork. It stimulates creativity and imagination. Pupils work out of the box by experimenting with different shapes, colours and structures. They practise planning and design skills. They develop mathematical skills such as understanding proportion, symmetry, counting and measuring length.

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Tetris as a group challenge – why not! Cooperation is key, because in Tetris the participants have to work together, analyse the situation, plan moves and experiment with different strategies. The ability to communicate is essential to succeed in this challenge and translates into valuable social skills. Pupils develop spatial and logical thinking skills, perception and eye-hand coordination. They improve concentration and attention skills, which are important for learning.

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Korbo Geoplan is an effective educational tool for assimilating issues and learning geometry such as shapes, symmetry, angles, similarity, scale, counting perimeter and area. By manoeuvring the rubber bands on the pegs, children experience and gain practical knowledge of the properties of plane and spatial figures. Korbo Geoplan is an ideal tool for both preschoolers and pupils in later stages of learning, introducing them intuitively to the world of geometry, developing visual perception and manual dexterity.

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Korbo bricks are an effective tool for teaching mathematics. They allow teachers to create dynamic and engaging lessons that help students understand difficult mathematical concepts in a visual and practical way. Korbo as a concrete can be used in lessons practising, among others: multiplication with one factor, operations with crossing the decimal threshold, values of numbers and their sums, reading coordinate points, horizontal and vertical planes, addition and subtraction in bars, reading and writing multi-digit numbers and much more.

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Korbo Sudoku is an excellent training of the mind. It develops mathematical and logical competence, perceptiveness, visual perception and problem-solving skills. Students read important information with understanding, analyse it, make logical inferences and eliminate errors. This activity strengthens concentration and the ability to analyse things objectively and to plan. The tasks are adapted to different levels of difficulty, making it an excellent learning tool at any stage of education.

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