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Zabawki edykacyjne dla dzieci - klocki Korbo
Klocki Korbo - wideo prezentacja
Korbo shows how the rotation movement is transmitted by the gears.
After building a construction and setting it into motion with the help of the crank
a child verifies if all gears are spining if not a child should find a reason and fix the problem.
Klocki edukacyjne Korbo Klocki edukacyjne Korbo Klocki edukacyjne Korbo
Nagroda Zabawka Roku - Klocki edukacyjne Korbo Nagroda: Good Brand - Klocki edukacyjne Korbo
Children around the world love korbo gears. Parents and teachers appreciated its educational value and granted korbo prestigios awards.
Klocki edukacyjne Korbo
Mechanical transmission in a game
Klocki edukacyjne Korbo Rower
Klocki edukacyjne Korbo Technik
Korbo Technik shows children in an easy way
how meachanical gearing functions: bike derailler gears.
Buy and explain.
Klocki edukacyjne Korbo Technik Klocki edukacyjne Korbo Technik
For example windshiled wipers.
Klocki Edukacyjne Korbo
Which gear spins faster or faster gets back into the initial position?
Klocki Edukacyjne Korbo
Build a construction
in which all the gears
are spining!
Klocki edukacyjne Korbo
"Since KORBO is in the classrom ther blocks stay on the shelf".
- primary school teacher, Bielsko Biała, Poland
"Korbo techik helped me to explain the interdependence between gears on a bike to my child in an easy way".
- a father of a 9 year old child
"I aqcuired 2 sets for a try. After few days I just had to buy 5 more sets of 430 elements.
They simply had to be in every classroom. Both teachers and children asked me for it. Total frenzy! Kids just love Korbo. They build, spin and play together!"
– kindergarten headmaster, Kórnik, Poland
Present in over 1000 educational facilities.
Klocki edukacyjne Korbo