You've dealt with many blocks - both as a child and as a parent. No matter what they were made of, the finale of the fun is always the same: the city comes alive while the elements are set into motion by hands of those who are playing. It requires a lot of effort to simulate the movement of vehicles, to imitate the swinging of toy people or to set any other element of an imaginary city into motion.

What if the child's imagination goes further? What if he dreams of creating a model of space or a Dutch windmill? Korbo construction blocks are the sets of elements among which one can find gears that allow to set the created toy into motion. Take Korbo, turn the crank and check if it works. If not - go step by step back investigating and looking for the reason of malfunction and eventually repair the entitle construction making sure that every gear is spinning.



The educational value of Korbo blocks cannot be overestimated. While building and playing the child discovers the basic operations of mechanical transmission. The child can observe the moving gears which enable other elements of the set to get connected. Playing and learning come together and the child might learn for example how the bicycle derailleur or the windshield wiper works.

Educational toys introduce the youngest to the laws of physics and demonstrate that mathematics and natural sciences can be fun. The fascination of physics and mathematics often comes from these funny construction blocks. The children can see that once worked efficiently all the goals can be achieved, one just sometimes need to think a bit more to set dream into motion.

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