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Korbo Blocks 90 Hydro

  • Korbo Blocks 90 Hydro
  • Korbo Blocks 90 Hydro
  • Korbo Blocks 90 Hydro
  • Korbo Blocks 90 Hydro
  • Korbo Blocks 90 Hydro
  • Korbo Blocks 90 Hydro
  • Korbo Blocks 90 Hydro
  • Korbo Blocks 90 Hydro
Code: R.1012E
Age: 4+
Box size: 31x10x30 cm
A 36 x
B 20 x
C 12 x
D 12 x
E 6 x
F 4 x

Korbo 90 Hydro is a basic set with four platforms which allow you to build simple as well as more advanced constructions in which all gears spin. A child can create his own, moving structures or build something from the instruction attached. The set is inspired by water and it contains suggestions of some real-life objects connected with water as fishing rod with a reel or a mixer. An additional attraction is that every construction may be used in water play for example a water wheel.

Korbo philosophy

Korbo is a line of blocks based on a motto: “Think, build and spin!”. It is based on gears, thanks to which constructions come to life. The advantage of Korbo is its simplicity and ease of creating large moving structures.

Connecting Korbo elements inspires children to logical thinking and encourages to experiment and overcome difficulties. Only appropriate connection of gears makes it possible to put a construction in motion. Korbo lets children understand simple principles of physics through experience and fun.

The sets differ from each other by colour and quantity of the elements. Some of the sets contain special additional gadgets, which make play more attractive, for instance planets or strings made of wax. The more blocks in a set (specifically platforms) the bigger fun with creating moving constructions. Korbo is a challenge: “Build in such a way, so that all gears may spin simultaneously”.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Contains small parts which may cause a choking hazard if swallowed.

Packaging: Master box
Quantity in master box: 16 pcs
Master carton size: 60x40x64 cm
Master carton weight: 14,2 kg

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